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Member since 11-13-20


Udine, IT

I Celtic Hills sono uno storico gruppo heavy metal italiano, dal Friuli per la precisione, formatosi nel 2010 e con due album all'attivo. Capitanati dal chitarrista/singer Jonathan Vanderbildt la loro musica potente e melodica allo stesso tempo si rifà a gruppi melodic Death Metal ma con forti influenze power, a cavallo tra Amon Amarth e primi Helloween. Il loro secondo album dal titolo Blood Over Intents uscito ad inizio 2020 su Elevate Records, in piena pandemia covid, nonostante il periodo critico e la totale assenza di supporto live da parte del gruppo (per ovvi motivi), ha avuto un ottimo successo sia di pubblico che di vendite

Questo nuovo ep dal titolo ‘Schräge Music’ invece si distacca leggermente da ‘Blood Over Intents’ andando ad abbracciare suoni piu’ power e immediati ma non per questo meno interessanti. Non poteva che essere cosi’ perché ‘Schräge Music’ nasce come un divertimento tra amici che Jonathan qui ha chiamato a collaborare per realizzare un qualcosa di partecipato e corale.

Tra i vari ospiti anche Joe Caggianelli (Ex Dardian e attualmente Starbynary) e Leo Giraldi (Starbynary) e sa qui si capisce da sove derivino alcune scelte musicali.

Cinque brani un po’ diversi a volte dal solito suono Celtic Hills ma come al solito potenti e travolgenti.

PS: Schräge Musik, che può anche essere scritto Schraege Musik, era un nome comune per un cannone automatico o di una mitragliatrice che spara verso l'alto, su un aereo intercettore, come un caccia notturno. Il termine è stato introdotto dalla Luftwaffe tedesca durante la seconda guerra mondiale . Il termine è stato introdotto dalla Luftwaffe tedesca durante la seconda guerra mondiale. Tuttavia "Schräge Musik" in precedenza, nel linguaggio colloquiale tedesco, stava a significare una musica che presentava un'accordatura insolita e/o un tempo particolare. Di per sé, la parola Schräge è stata spesso tradotta come "obliquo", sebbene possa invece essere tradotto in inglese come "strano".

Celtic Hills are a historic Italian heavy metal group, from Friuli, formed in 2010 and with two albums to their credit. Led by guitarist / singer Jonathan Vanderbildt their powerful and melodic music at the same time refers to melodic Death Metal groups but with strong power influences, between Amon Amarth and early Helloween. Their second album entitled Blood Over Intents released at the beginning of 2020 on Elevate Records, in the middle of the covid pandemic, despite the critical period and the total absence of live support from the group (for obvious reasons), had a great success both of audience and sales This new ep entitled 'Schräge Music' instead differs slightly from 'Blood Over Intents' going to embrace more powerful and immediate sounds but no less interesting. It could only be like this because 'Schräge Music' was born as a fun among friends that Jonathan here called to collaborate to create something shared and choral. Among the various guests also Joe Caggianelli (Ex Dardian and currently Starbynary) and Leo Giraldi (Starbynary) and here it is clear from where some musical choices arise. Five slightly different tracks, sometimes with the usual Celtic Hills sound, but as usual powerful and overwhelming.

Schräge Musik, which may also be spelled Schraege Musik, was a common name for the fitting of an upward-firing autocannon or machine gun, to an interceptor aircraft, such as a night fighter. The term was introduced by the German Luftwaffe during WWII. Anyway "Schräge Musik" was previously a German colloquialism, meaning music that featured an unusual tuning and/or time /signature. By itself, the word Schräge has often been translated as "Slanting”" or "oblique
", although it may instead be rendered into English as "weird" or "strange".

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Music melts into black with the emergence of Barbara Black, a cyclone of southern blues, American rock, gospel and metal

When you mix an attitude that Lemmy himself would sign with a vocal capacity worthy of Myles Kennedy and to that you add a sound that borns from the roots of rock with the power of today's metal, the result can only be an album not to be missed. That album is Love, Death & Flies, the third album by Bárbara Black, a singer and a band born to rock.
She is an independent artist with a long career, that in 2016 began her singer solo career realising Spiritual Rock. “Shiva” was the song chosen to be in Eurovision by the AEV Festival. Barbara has won several awards as a metal vocalist in Spain such as Best National Female Rock Singer chosen by La Heavy Magazine readers in 2013, 2014, 2018, 2019 and 2020. Barbara Black recently won the Battle Of The Bands on MDR with 32,071 votes, and is currently the Band Of The Month for June 2020! In 2017 she released the album Ad Libitum, and the band went touring in the UK in 2018 and in Spain in 2019. The new álbum Love, Death & Flies is her hardest sound that shows the lyrical influences of Poe, Bécquer and the horror cinema of the 80s. Victorian streets, dark passages and a decadent romanticism drives you to reach the zenith in “Damnified”, a reflection of the band's approach to wilder southern sounds. You will find one of the most powerful and quality voices that flies through melodies, screaming and opera as well as sharp guitars and a devastating drums.


Η μουσική γίνεται σκοτεινή με την εμφάνιση της Barbara Black, ενός κυκλώνα southern blues, American rock, gospel και metal.

Όταν συνδυάζεις μια συμπεριφορά που ο ίδιος ο Lemmy μπόρεσε να υπογράψει σαν μια φωνητική ικανότητα που αξίζει στον Myles Kennedy και σε αυτό προσθέτετε έναν ήχο που γεννιέται από τις ρίζες του ροκ με τη δύναμη του σημερινού metal, το αποτέλεσμα μπορεί να είναι μόνο ένα άλμπουμ που δεν πρέπει να χάσετε . Αυτό το άλμπουμ είναι το «Love, Death & Flies», το τρίτο άλμπουμ της Bárbara Black, μιας τραγουδίστριας και μιας μπάντας που γεννήθηκε για να ροκάρει.
Είναι ανεξάρτητη καλλιτέχνιδα με μακριά καριέρα, που το 2016 ξεκίνησε τη σόλο καριέρα της τραγουδίστριας, κυκλοφορώντας το «Spiritual Rock». Το "Shiva" ήταν το τραγούδι που επιλέχθηκε να είναι στην Eurovision από το AEV Festival. Η Barbara έχει κερδίσει πολλά βραβεία ως metal τραγουδίστρια στην Ισπανία, όπως η καλύτερη γυναίκα rock τραγουδίστρια της χώρας, που επιλέχθηκε από τους αναγνώστες του περιοδικού La Heavy Magazine το 2013, 2014, 2018, 2019 και 2020. Η Barbara Black κέρδισε πρόσφατα το Battle Of The Bands στο MDR με 32.071 ψήφους, και είναι έτσι έγινε το συγκρότημα του μήνα για τον Ιούνιο του 2020! Το 2017 κυκλοφόρησε το άλμπουμ «Ad Libitum» και το συγκρότημα πήγε περιοδεία στο Ηνωμένο Βασίλειο το 2018 και στην Ισπανία το 2019. Το νέο άλμπουμ «Love, Death & Flies» είναι το σκληρότερο της ηχητικά και δείχνει τις λυρικές επιρροές των Poe, Bécquer και του κινηματογράφου τρόμου της δεκαετίας του '80. Βικτοριανοί δρόμοι, σκοτεινά περάσματα και ένας παρακμιακός ρομαντισμός σας οδηγούν να φτάσετε στο ζενίθ στο "Damnified", που αντικατοπτρίζει την προσέγγιση της μπάντας στους πιο άγριους νότιους ήχους. Θα βρείτε μια από τις πιο ισχυρές και ποιοτικές φωνές που ελίσσεται ανάμεσα στις μελωδίες, τις κραυγές και την όπερα, καθώς και τις αιχμηρές κιθάρες και τα καταστροφικά ντραμς.


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I'll Soon Be Gone - radio edit (single)

Mighty Music
Release: 27 November 2020

"I'll Soon Be Gone" was, in July, one of the standout songs from the comeback album from the founders of Danish melo-death metal Withering Surface, released in the Summer this year. The duet between frontman Michael H. Andersen and his 19-year-old daughter Elizabeth Gorboi Andersen is now released in its radio edit. An epic, doom metal inspired ballad within the death metal genre. A song some might want to place in the "female-fronted metal" category and some might just consider a great metal song. Lyrics inspired by the Norwegian pop band A-ha! Produced by Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Amaranthe etc.).

The song will be released on November 27th as a radio single, with an accompanying video.

Swedish melodic death metal, the so-called melo-death, got its breakthrough in the mid-1990s with especially bands from Gothenburg such as In Flames, At The Gates and Dark Tranquility. Withering Surface from Næstved, Denmark quickly captured the new special genre and since then marked the band as the most successful Danish melodic death metal band since its foundation in 1994 and until the band took a break in 2005. Four albums and additional EP / single / demo releases made it into the band's career.

In 1996 Withering Surface signed a contract with Euphonious Records. The debut album "Scarlet Silhouettes", recorded in Swedish Studio Fredman by Fredrik Nordström (known for Opeth, At The Gates, In Flames etc.), was released in 1997 with internationally acclaimed reviews and a Scandinavian tour with Dimmu Borgir and Old Man's Child followed.

The second album "The Nude Ballet" (Euphonious Records) was released in 1998. Also produced by Fredrik Nordström, also got great reviews and even a nomination as "Hard Rock Album of the Year" for the Danish Grammys and played a concert at Roskilde Festival the following year.

In 2001 "Walking On Phantom Ice" was released by English Copro Records. In the wake of this, Withering Surface appeared at German Wacken Open Air, and completed an UK tour with Arch Enemy and Opeth.

The latest "Force The Pace" was released in 2004 by Italian Scarlet Records, followed by European touring.

Withering Surface has played over 100 concerts over the years.

This year Withering Surface returned to life with a new album release and live activities. "Meet Your Maker" is the name of the album and consists of 9 brand new songs mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen at Hansen Studios. The songs draw inspiration from the band's back catalog all the way from the '97 debut album "Scarlet Silhouettes" but also sound fresh and new while keeping the signature sound of the band. From classic melo-death songs with big choruses like the first single "Leaves In The Stream" to fast-paced aggression in the second single "Alone" spiced with the epic, proggy title song "Meet Your Maker" and this "ballad" that is now released as a single.

Allan Tvedebrink – Guitars
Jakob Møller Gundel – Drums
Jesper Kvist – Bass
Morten Lybecker – Keys
Michael H. Andersen – Vocals
Marcel Lech – Guitars



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WAYWARD DAWN - House Of Mirrors (EP)
Emanzipation Productions
Release: 11 December 2020

For fans of Morbid Angel, Obituary & Incantation.

With the two critically acclaimed albums, "Soil Organic Matter" and "Haven of Lies" from 2018 and 2020, under the belt, about 50 gigs in Denmark and Germany, and mentions in prominent magazines such as Metal Hammer and GAFFA, WAYWARD DAWN have made a name for themselves in the Danish metal scene with their primal and putrid death metal.

Already the same year as the release of their latest album, the band is back with the cassette release "House of Mirrors", set to be released in December through the resurrected Emanzipation Productions. The cassette is, like the last two releases, recorded and produced by Jacob Bredahl at Dead Rat Studio and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege (Obituary, Nails, Full of Hell), and consists of two brand new songs spread over a total playing time of 8 minutes. It is raw and brutal old-school death metal with a focus on sturdiness and effectiveness rather than technicality. The two songs deliver a frontal assault that hits the listener like a steamroller of crushing riffs, barbaric drums, rotten screams, and abysmal growls.

"House of Mirrors" will be released digitally on December 11th (via Emanzipation Productions) and on cassette tape (via Molten Face Records).

Live dates:
27.11.2020 - Kill the Virus, Voxhall, Aarhus, DK
28.11.2020- Beta, Copenhagen, DK
16/19.06.2021 - Copenhell Festival, DK
07.08.2021 - Burning Q, DE
27/28.08.2021 - Næstved Metalfest, DK

Jakob Kristensen: guitar
Rasmus Johansen: guitar/vocals
Kasper Szupienko Petersen: bass/vocals
Lukas Nysted: drums


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Verde Lauro - 6 Aprile

To be released on all digital platforms on November 17th and in LTD digipack CD December 2020.
'6 Aprile' is the second album by Verde Lauro, created by the Italian-Swiss singer Fabrizio Sassi, which follows the debut album 'Son animali al mondo' which saw the participation of numerous guests, including Roberto Tiranti and Alessandro Del Vecchio
Unlike "Son animali al mondo", this second chapter was designed and created to be played live. The orchestrations were reduced and the verses were selected to be repeated in chorus.

At the level of compositions, those that narrate another passage from the neverending story were chosen and in particular the passages that play on the root of the name Laura. Precisely for this reason "6 Aprile" is perhaps a less elaborate and symphonic record than its predecessor but this is its strong point, the "song" form of its pieces, much more powerful and direct.
Petrarch meets Laura for the first time on April 6, 1327. Laura dies on April 6, 1348. The numbers of the Canzoniere are part of the story and are used symbolically. No number is random. Starting with the fragments that make up the mosaic. 366. Like a year that repeats itself forever.
As for the lineup, Andrea Grumelli joined (in the first album the bass was played by guitarists) and Federico De Zani took over the drums. Mattia Stancioiu (Ex Labyrinth) preferred to stay behind the mixer and give up the pedals.

The guests are Morby from Domine and Marcello Zappatore on guitar. Drakkar singer Davide dell’Orto has become a full member of the group. Laura's identity is always a secret and also appears in some passages of this record.

Fabrizio Sassi - voice

Davide Dell’Orto - voice
Pier Gonella - guitar
Francesco Marras- guitar
Andrea Grumelli - bass
Mauro Desideri - Keyboards
Federico “Chicco“ De Zani - Drums
Marcello Zappatore

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US sleaziest hard rock band is back with a revenge. The Revenge Of Rock 

Kickin Valentina release
new album in January

KICKIN VALENTINA, the US most unapologetic rock’n’roll band in recent times, will release in January 2021 their 3rd full-length album “The Revenge of Rock” worldwide on Mighty Music/Target Group. The album was once again produced by Andy Reilly (UFO, Bruce Dickinson, Cradle of Filth) at Muse Productions in Atlanta, and Mastered by Maor Appelbaum (Faith No More, Sabaton, Halford) at Maor Appelbaum Mastering in CA. “We are really proud and excited to introduce this full-length album. It’s the most diverse KV album so far.” states guitarist Heber Pampillon.

The first single of the album will be called "Somebody New" and its release is scheduled for October 30th.

Kickin Valentina formed in 2013, and the band quickly gained attention in the U.S. and abroad. They were immediately picked up by Atlanta based indie label Highway 9 Records and released their debut self-titled EP in October 2013. In August 2015 KICKIN VALENTINA signed with Danish hard rock/metal label Mighty Music/Target Group, and have released two successful full-length albums “Super Atomic” and “Imaginary Creatures,” and an EP “Chaos in Copenhagen” to rave reviews around the world. Their album “Imaginary Creatures” debuted on five different Billboard charts (Heatseeker Albums #16, Heatseekers South Atlantic #5, Independent Albums #30, Hard Rock Album Sales #11, and Rock Album Sales #42), and the single “Crazy” reached #15 on the Danish iTunes rock charts. “Chaos in Copenhagen” debuted at # 27 on Denmark's top 100 album sales chart.

Kickin Valentina has been busy touring America and Europe opening for artists as diverse as Buckcherry, Queensryche, Nitrogods, Pop Evil, Fozzy, Skid Row, Red Dragon Cartel, Sebastian Bach, Doro, Eve to Adam, Faster Pussycat, Nonpoint, Kix, and LA Guns to name a few. In addition to their own headlining shows, they are also actively playing a variety of music festivals including Bang Your Head (Germany), Call of the Wild (England) and Rock Fest (WI).Kickin Valentina has been busy touring America and Europe opening for artists as diverse as Buckcherry, Queensryche, Nitrogods, Pop Evil, Fozzy, Skid Row, Red Dragon Cartel, Sebastian Bach, Doro, Eve to Adam, Faster Pussycat, Nonpoint, Kix, and LA Guns to name a few. In addition to their own headlining shows, they are also actively playing a variety of music festivals including Bang Your Head (Germany), Call of the Wild (England) and Rock Fest (WI).

Kickin Valetina has received press in major publications throughout Europe and Japan such as Burrn, Young Guitar, Classic Rock, Sweden Rock, Legacy, Fireworks, Metalized, Aardschok, Metal Hammer, Deaf Forever, Rock Hard, Rock It, Powerplay, and countless online magazines around the world. They were nominated for – and won – the prestigious 2014 GA Music Award for “Rock Band of the Year,” and in 2015 they won the GA Music Award for “Video of the Year” for their single “Wrong Way.” Their song “Get Ready” has been used by the Jacksonville Axemen Rugby Team for promotional commercials and played during home games, and is also on the soundtrack for the movie “Hair I Go Again.”

“The Revenge Of Rock” will be released in digital, LP and CD formats by Mighty Music on January 22nd, 2021.

D.K. Revelle: vocals
Heber Pampillon: guitar
Bass: Chris Taylor
Drums: Jimmy Berdine

01. Freak Show
02. Somebody New
03. Rat Race
04. Strange
05. Lookin For Me
06. War
07. Heart Tattoo
08. End Of The Road
09. The Revenge Of Rock

Webshop: https://targetshop.dk/en/kickin-valentina
Web: Official website Facebook Twitter Instagram Spotify

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Welcome To The New S.A.
RFL Records
Release: 6 November 2020

Titled, "Welcome To The New S.A.", After The Fall maintain their composure as a fine combination of the 90s driven American based Hard Rock and a crushing metallic edge of the early 00s. After The Fall approach with material that is no foreign to the public's eye, portraying real life with the possibilities of how corruption and false pretense can be avoided and acted upon.

"Welcome To The New S.A." is set for release on the 6th of November, 2020, via RFL Records

1. Shut The World Out
2. New S.A.
3. Devil Be Dammin Me Blues
4. Suicide March
5. Hanging
6. The Fight

After The Fall have been running wild throughout the country since 2003. Championing the all so-known battles with a numerous lineup changes, After The Fall were able to forge a strong team of musicians to lead them forward in their influence and music.

Channeling the echoes of the remainder of the 90s Hard Rock scene, American made, along with a fistful of contemporary Metal, After The Fall found their sound, a sense of direction musically and the ability to come up with a strong formula of writing melodic and catchy heart piercing songs. 

Throughout their career, After The Fall shared stages supporting iconic acts such as Sevendust, Nonpoint, Corrosion Of Conformity, Ratt and Dope among the many. The band's 2014's EP, and their debut album, "My Confession", set a new standard as the band was awarded, twice in a row (2014-2015), with the "Iron City Rocks Pittsburgh" Music Awards for "Best Rock Band" and with the debut album winning "Album Of The Year"

Always hard working, an active beast on the scene, setting themselves for opportunities to go live and take over every stage, After The Fall are ready, charged up and motivated to be the next thing in line, not just locally, but worldwide.

Rumors – Single (2013)
2014 EP – EP (2014)
My Confession – Full Length (2015)
Welcome To The New S.A. – EP (2020)
Doug Carnahan – Vocals & Guitars
Matt Ferrante – Drums & Backing Vocals
Steve Craven - Bass & Backing Vocals
Zac Shepard - Guitars 


RFL Records Links:

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HYDROGYN - The Boiling Point
RFL Records

Release: 30 October 2020

It has been six long years, many twists and turns along the way, yet the spirit of the American Hard Rock / Heavy Metal band Hydrogyn endured, came back from its bruises, ready for yet another fight. Gathering a whole new lineup, consumed by the utmost talent, the band went indoors and after months of constant work, they have reached "The Boiling Point".  

1. Disappear
2. Bats In The Belfry
3. The Boiling Point
4. Wickedness
5. Worthless Love
6. Sweet Addiction
7. Tragic
8. One Way Or Another (Blondie Cover)
9. Suspicious Minds (Elvis Presley Cover)
10. Widowmaker
11. Damaged Goods
12. Ghost
13. Mad World (Tears For Fears Cover)

Formed in 2003, Hydrogyn has been having a long career span, with a variety of achievements along the years, including reaching to become one of the top bands in the US charts in the first decade of the 00s, releasing a number of albums, which were considered as gems of Rock and Metal, and successfully touring Europe while creating a vast impact for themselves. 

After several years of silence, slowly establishing a newfound force in order to return back into the hearts of fans, and back to recognition, a new era of the band began. Hydrogyn established a new lineup, which created a new sound for the band, a profound sense of musical direction, bred by a collective of approaches and influences, and enough power to pierce their listeners' ears and melt their brains. 

The new Hydrogyn incarnation is bound to hatch great things, a measure of musical massiveness, channel an inner darkness, anger, anguish, and any other form that disturbs the human condition, the formation and break away of relationships. 

Holly Hines Freed – Vocals
Jeff Westlake – Guitars
Ryan Stepp - Guitars
Jacob Freed – Bass
Scot Clayton II - Drums


RFL Records Links:

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Here’s the next best thing. We have collected recipes from rockers and others in the music industry and now we bring their favorites direct from their table to yours. Some have shared their favorite family recipe along with a great memory and others may have contributed a fun and easy recipe from the road. All of this has been done to benefit“We Rock for Autism”, an officially recognized, non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization. We thank you for being a part of this. Rock on!I

Rockin' Recipes for Autism Cookbook, Volume I. Portion of the proceeds go to We Rock for Autism, a 501 (c) (3) organization. We Rock for Autism is an organization dedicated to improving the communication abilities of children on the autism spectrum. Promoting autism awareness and acceptance is a big part of our goal. Our primary services include hosting community-based programs focused on music therapy, music therapy workshops for parents, and social interaction activities. We Rock for Autism, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, also provides direct music therapy services and hosts a variety of sensory friendly events that promote acceptance and inclusion. We Rock for Autism is able to do all of this thanks to donations provided by our supporters. The funds raised also allow us to promote autism awareness through various events, provide children with communication assistance devices (iPads, tablets, apps, etc.) and more. By buying this cookbook, you are supporting children on the spectrum and helping them receive therapy services that can greatly improve verbal and communication skills.

“We are very thankful to the artists that have contributed to this book and to each one of you that have purchased it. This is the first cookbook of its kind, and we really enjoyed being a part of the production. The funds raised will help us bring the benefits of music therapy to many children on the spectrum. Thank you again, you all ROCK!”
-Chris Wilson
We Rock for Autism


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