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Local Stage Worldwide

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Project Renegade featured in
Metal Digest - The Normless Music Magazine
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Dave D.R. is a multi-instrumentalist recording artist and performer from Ontario Canada. He released his debut EP on CD & 7" vinyl in 2016 and on social media in 2020. He is currently writing and recording the first full length album. (Special thanks to Jobert Mello of SLEDGEHAMMER GRAPHIX for his amazing cover art as well as the new IMMORTALIZER logo). 
When he was a kid he was profoundly inspired by Heavy Metal and Rock pioneers like Motorhead, Judas Priest, Saxon, Iron Maiden, Dio, Black Sabbath, Ozzy, Primal Fear, Helloween, Gamma Ray, Van Halen, Thin Lizzy, Megadeth, Metallica,  Whitesnake, Deep Purple and KISS (to name only a few).  He began as a drummer then eventually taught himself to sing, play guitar, bass and keyboards. In 2020 he started working with legendary Metal singer Ralf Scheepers of Primal Fear to further develop his vocal abilities. He'd like to extent a very special thank you to Ralf for all his help! 
He has always tried his best to create new and exciting music. When he started writing material for IMMORTALIZER he wanted to create something original but that still had a vintage feel to it. His aim is not to copy what's already been done but rather to contribute something fresh and entertaining. He hopes you'll agree once you've heard the music. Don't forget to crank up the volume!  Cheers! 

Lemmy (Official Music Video)



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Steel Rhino - Boom Boom
GMR Music
Release: 16 April 2021

With an attitude, heavy groves and insane vocals, Steel Rhino is here to take the world by storm.

This new hard rock project started with an idea, a heavy drum track, a catchy guitar riff and a heavy bass line to fill up the cracks. The only thing that was missing was a killer vocalist to match the intensity of the music.

The search for the perfect vocalist ended when the insanely talented 
Herbie Langhans (Firewind, Avantasia, SinBreed, Radiant, etc.) agreed to lend his vocals to be featured on the album. His range and power provided the missing piece Steel Rhino needed to get the sound they wanted.

When founder, 
Mikael Rosengren (Dirty Passion, Revolverlution, Bai Bang, etc.) decided to start the solo project Steel Rhino, the whole concept was to create and play a heavier rock n’ roll sound leaning into metal with the attitude in the music that makes people bang their heads, put their hands in the air, and just let loose to have a great time.

With influences from European and American hard rock and metal bands, Rosengren found his own sound that mixes the great hard rock sound from the past with the present.

With his experience from playing with other bands for nearly 15 years while touring in Europe, North America, and playing at the biggest festivals like Wacken Open Air, Mikael felt it was time to write and make the music he wanted and put his own sound into the world.

The band will start unleashing their music on April 16th with the debut single
 "Boom Boom" that will be followed with full length album titled "Steel Rhino" later in 2021 through GMR Music Sweden.

Debut single "Boom Boom" can be presaved on Spotify and Apple music here: https://www.aloaded.presave.io/t/steelrhinoboomboom

Get ready for the 
Steel Rhino attack!

Music recorded at Loud Drums Studios in Sweden and vocals recorded in Germany at Herbie Langhans personal studio. Mixed and mastered at Top Floor Studios in Gothenburg by Jakob Herrmann.

Connect With Steel Rhino:

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Ignite (single)
Emanzipation Productions
Release: 16 April 2021

Latest single from SOLSTICE's new upcoming album, "Casting The Die"."Ignite" has the galloping thrashing rhythm and riffs, together with the vocal assault of Ryan Taylor, which easily makes the crossover to death metal that the Florida four-piece master so well and helped create back in the early '90s.

The line-up is a mixture of classic Solstice (founding members Dennis Munoz and Alex Marquez) and new blood (Malevolent Creation's Ryan Taylor and Cyst's Marcel Salas).
Few bands can claim to have forged the Florida death/thrash metal sound as Solstice did. Back in the early ’90s, pivotal albums such as “Solstice” and “Pray” set the milestone for the local scene and for the whole style to look up to. Now, the Miami quartet is back, regrouped with the immense talent of new recruits Marcel Salas (Cyst) and Ryan Taylor (Malevolent Creation), and drop an album that, being faithful to the 90’s Solstice sound, is 
exactly the soundtrack to the state of the world today. “Casting The Die” is equal parts intensity and speed, technical ability, and sheer fury. And, for a band with ages ranging from 23 to 50, they present themselves as a tight unit.

Ryan Taylor came into the band at 17 years of age", guitar player Dennis Munoz comments on the new members. "A player beyond his years and an excellent fit on guitar and lead vocals. Taylor joined a group with members more than twice his age and truly brought in a new hunger for the bandMarcel Salas is truly an outstanding and gifted bassist and musician.  Proficient in many styles including jazz and latin. His playing is prominently featured and absolutely shines on this new recording". Munoz also weights on the way "Casting The Die" stands in Solstice discography: "As stated by Ryan Taylor, this new recording is a fusion of the first and second".

Solstice was formed in 1990 by Rob Barrett, Alex Marquez, and Dennis Munoz in Miami, Florida. Soon after their first demo, the band signed to Steamhammer/SPV, the German label that released their first two albums. However, after Rob left to join Cannibal Corpse and with Alex increasingly busy with Malevolent Creation and Demolition Hammer, the band went into a long hiatus. After a few hints to reunite, the third album finally saw the light of day in 2009. Now, powered with the new blood brought by Taylor and Marcel Salas, Solstice is back in full force, with an impressive display of power in the form of the fourth album, “Casting The Die”.

“Casting The Die” will be released in digital, CD, and LP (four different colours: red, purple , marbled blue & black) by Emanzipation Productions, on April 23rd, 2021.

Solstice back-catalogue (the albums "The Sentencing" and "Pray", as well as their 1991 demo) will also be reissued by Emanzipation on both CD and vinyl formats.

Line up:
Ryan Taylor - vocals, guitar
Alex Marquez - drums
Dennis Munoz - guitar
Marcel Salas - bass



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It's Not The End (single)
Mighty Music
Release: 16 April 2021

Already being hailed as a landmark in ELECTRIC BOYS career and one of the best rock releases of 2021, "Ups!de Down", the collection of songs that the 'Boys will release on April 30th is a whole box full of surprises.

Contributing to it, there's a song such as "It's Not The End", a mellow hymn to resilience with slide guitar, slight Indian orchestration, and a powerful chorus as some of the fine details that make the Electric Boys composition so rich and above all the competition.
The Electric Boys are much loved for their idiosyncratic combination of hard rock and other forms of music such as funk beginning with their first album “Funk-O-Metal Carpet Ride” in 1989. On April 30th 2021 the band will release worldwide their seventh album “Ups!de Down” which continues and advances this fusion of music styles to make something of their very, very own.

Recorded at Ghost Ward studios like their successful previous album “The Ghost Ward Diaries” and co-produced with David Castillo the album showcases the songwriting and performing talents of founder members Conny Bloom on guitar and vocals and Andy Christell on bass while also introducing  ‘Slim’ Martin Thomander on guitar. Jolle Atlagic plays all the drums on the album, as the band’s original drummer Niclas Sigevall - still very much part of the band - could not leave LA due to the pandemic.  

The album reflects the turbulent times of this year and spontaneously and organically formed into a concept album tackling adversity and fearmongering and championing the human fighting spirit and ability to transcend even the most difficult situations to find hope and victory over life’s circumstances. As such the album taps into the collective consciousness of 2020, being contemporary while also drawing on a wide variety of influences such as Jimi Hendrix, Deep Purple, Bowie, 50’s Rock and Roll, late Beatles and even the Sisters of Mercy. Probably less funky than some of the band’s earlier material it is no less eclectic and provides a potent cocktail reflecting the history of rock and roll and the light and darkness of existence.

You can see the light at the end of the tunnel rather than simply the runaway train” in songs like “It's Not The End”. When things are This big and seem out of control you can reverse it and gain control by letting it go.” (Conny Bloom). The freethinking and rebellious spirit of the band is alive and well in this latest album and the belief in the power of the message of music and its ability to change the world.

People commonly mention to the band that Electric Boys songs have changed their lives, inspiring them to take up instruments and how much the band’s songs have meant to their fans. Known for his fine guitar work and languidly cool persona Conny Bloom is also recognised for his work with Hanoi Rocks and Ginger in the Wildhearts. Andy Christell also joined Hanoi Rocks with Conny and with his distinctive top knot is the epitome of steady, bellbottom-fluttering rock bass.

The band has a tour planned in Sweden and is hoping to widen and include more dates worldwide as circumstances permit.

“Ups!de Down” will be released in digital, LP (four different colours available) and CD formats by Mighty Music on 30th April 2021.

Line up:
Conny Bloom: guitar, vocals
Andy Christell: bass
"Slim" Martin Thomander: guitar
Niclas Sigevall: drums
Jolle Atlagic: drums


Official website

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EVIL re-release "Evil's Message", and early material collection "Ride To Hell" in June

The year of Iron Maiden’s ”Powerslave”. The year of Mercyful Fate’s ”Don’t Break The Oath”. And the year of Evil’s ”Evil’s Message”!
The Danish heavy metal cult EP classic fuelled with five tracks of powerful and speedy heavy metal are to be re-released in a very special package on June 11th! Remastered by Tue Madsen (The Haunted) in Antfarm Studio ”Evil’s Message” comes in three very limited edition vinyl formats in 180gr. teal (blue/green), yellow, and marble grey as well as on CD for the very first time. On top of this, the release comes with rare photos & restored artwork.
On the same day, “Ride To Hell” will be unleashed too. “Ride To Hell” features the first demo tape from the band, released originally in 1983, as well as the live release “Live On Stage”, recorded in Copenhagen in 1985. With sound completely remastered in Angioni Studio (Tygers Of Pan Tang, Mike Tramp), ”Ride To Hell” comes in four very limited edition vinyl formats in 180gr (green, orange, purple & black) as well as on CD. On top of this, the release comes with restored artwork and rare photos.
If you're a fan of classic, head-banging, fist-pumping 80s heavy metal, then these are absolute must-have items in your collection!
And remember... Evil’s power is not to be taken lightly!
Evil is back and working on a new studio album to be released in late 2021.
“Evil’s Message” and “Ride To Hell” will be re-released in CD and LP (four different colours each release) by Mighty Music, on June 11th, 2021.

"Evil's Message" tracklist:
1. Evils Message
2. Evil
3. The Devil Wants Me
4. Son Of A Bitch
5. Take Good Care (Of Your Balls)

"Ride To Hell" tracklist:
1. Evil
2. Son of a Bitch
3. Ride to Hell
4. Control Yourself - Live
5. Always Be Behind - Live
6. Loser - Live
7. Kill Your Woman in Bed - Live
8. Where You Belong - Live

Web: http://facebook.com/evilmetaldk

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We are looking for
Cover and tribute bands!!!!!

If you or someone you know are playing in a cover/tribute band
and would like to be featured on local Stage Worldwide TV
Email us at: [email protected]

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Member since 04-02-21


Kansas City, US

 In 2012, Greg Wenk started looking for members and decided on Veritas, which means truth, when looking for ideas. Deciding it needed a logo to make it more recognizable, he found the awen symbol which means creativity. Already having about 20 song ideas, he found original drummer Adam Hartley after a few months of searching and auditions. They began working on songs and auditioning for the remaining members. After many months of auditions, they found Geno Alberico through an ad and realized they had a common vision and welcomed him into the band. The trio continued working on songs and searching for the perfect singer to compliment the music. After many months of searching, Geno mentioned he knew a great vocalist. The only catch was he lived several states away. After sending him a few tracks and hearing what he could do, they decided to move forward with Denny Anthony on vocals. Veritas began working on completing songs by sending tracks back and forth and began recording what would be an EP for the first release. Unfortunately, Adam decided to leave the band for personal reasons, and the search was on for another drummer. Denny suggested using Mark Zonder for the drums since he had worked with him on a previous project. Denny contacted him and he agreed to record the drums.
   As the EP neared completion in 2019, they began sending out samples to create interest in the band and get people familiar with the music. The songs were an instant hit and were played on several internet radio stations including Rock Rage Radio (USA) and Mercury radio (Greece). People started wanting more info about the band and where to get the Ep. The problem was it was still in the mixing/mastering phase and the band was struggling to catch up with demand. Forgotten Scroll set up a topic page to keep new fans of the band informed about the progress and availabillty of the EP. Once it was released it received many great reviews comparing it to the sound of early Queensryche, Fates Warning, and Dream Theater. 
   The band continued writing music and focused on completing their first full length cd. They also needed a better way to release their cd and make it more easily available worldwide. They began shopping the music around to various distribution companies with the ability to get their music in stores around the globe. After talks with several companies, they found a company with a common vision and the connections to make it happen. In March of 2020, Veritas signed a deal with Amplified for worldwide distribution of their first full length cd in physical and digital formats. The cd has 14 tracks and was mixed by Daryl Bolicek at Wild Horse Recording in Minnesota and mastered by Thomas Juth at Svenska Grammofonstudion in Sweden. The cd released on August 28th, 2020 worldwide and has already received great reviews from Germany, Sweden, USA, Poland. 

 The new album promises the best hard rock sounds along with creative songwriting from the band. Veritas has been hard at work recording/mixing/mastering the full cd. In March of 2020, they signed a deal for worldwide physical/digital distribution through Amplified Distribution and began preparing for the launch of the bands first full length CD. Released on 8/28/2020, there are already many great reviews and media excitement. Get this awesome album now for an amazing experience!

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Here’s the next best thing. We have collected recipes from rockers and others in the music industry and now we bring their favorites direct from their table to yours. Some have shared their favorite family recipe along with a great memory and others may have contributed a fun and easy recipe from the road. All of this has been done to benefit“We Rock for Autism”, an officially recognized, non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization. We thank you for being a part of this. Rock on!I

Rockin' Recipes for Autism Cookbook, Volume I. Portion of the proceeds go to We Rock for Autism, a 501 (c) (3) organization. We Rock for Autism is an organization dedicated to improving the communication abilities of children on the autism spectrum. Promoting autism awareness and acceptance is a big part of our goal. Our primary services include hosting community-based programs focused on music therapy, music therapy workshops for parents, and social interaction activities. We Rock for Autism, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, also provides direct music therapy services and hosts a variety of sensory friendly events that promote acceptance and inclusion. We Rock for Autism is able to do all of this thanks to donations provided by our supporters. The funds raised also allow us to promote autism awareness through various events, provide children with communication assistance devices (iPads, tablets, apps, etc.) and more. By buying this cookbook, you are supporting children on the spectrum and helping them receive therapy services that can greatly improve verbal and communication skills.

“We are very thankful to the artists that have contributed to this book and to each one of you that have purchased it. This is the first cookbook of its kind, and we really enjoyed being a part of the production. The funds raised will help us bring the benefits of music therapy to many children on the spectrum. Thank you again, you all ROCK!”
-Chris Wilson
We Rock for Autism


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