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Hear the whole album before anybody else


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Pete Maroni's new album "HUSH"

A true party pleaser including 11 tracks of pure rock n' roll!!!
Get your copy at any of the following:

Wind Up Production

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Electric Boys release new album "Ups!de Down" in April

The ELECTRIC BOYS are much loved for their idiosyncratic combination of hard rock and other forms of music such as funk beginning with their first album “Funk-O-Metal Carpet Ride” in 1989. On April 30th 2021 the band will release worldwide their seventh album “Ups!de Down” which continues and advances this fusion of music styles to make something of their very, very own. 
Recorded at Ghost Ward studios like their successful previous album “The Ghost Ward Diaries” and co-produced with David Castillo the album showcases the songwriting and performing talents of founder members Conny Bloom on guitar and vocals and Andy Christell on bass while also introducing  ‘Slim’ Martin Thomander on guitar. Jolle Atlagic plays all the drums on the album, as the band’s original drummer Niclas Sigevall - still very much part of the band - could not leave LA due to the pandemic.  

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The album reflects the turbulent times of this year and spontaneously and organically formed into a concept album tackling adversity and fearmongering and championing the human fighting spirit and ability to transcend even the most difficult situations to find hope and victory over life’s circumstances. As such the album taps into the collective consciousness of 2020, being contemporary while also drawing on a wide variety of influences such as Jimi Hendrix, Deep Purple, Bowie, 50’s Rock and Roll, late Beatles and even the Sisters of Mercy. Probably less funky than some of the band’s earlier material it is no less eclectic and provides a potent cocktail reflecting the history of rock and roll and the light and darkness of existence. 

You can see the light at the end of the tunnel rather than simply the runaway train” in songs like “This Is Not The End”. When things are This big and seem out of control you can reverse it and gain control by letting it go.” (Conny Bloom). The freethinking and rebellious spirit of the band is alive and well in this latest album and the belief in the power of the message of music and its ability to change the world. 

People commonly mention to the band that Electric Boys songs have changed their lives, inspiring them to take up instruments and how much the band’s songs have meant to their fans. Known for his fine guitar work and languidly cool persona Conny Bloom is also recognized for his work with Hanoi Rocks and Ginger in the Wildhearts. Andy Christell also joined Hanoi Rocks with Conny and with his distinctive top knot is the epitome of steady, bellbottom-fluttering rock bass.

The band has a tour planned in Sweden and is hoping to widen and include more dates worldwide as circumstances permit. 

“Ups!de Down” will be released in digital, LP (four different formats) and CD formats by Mighty Music on 30th April 2021.

Line up:
Conny Bloom: guitar, vocals
Andy Christell: bass
"Slim" Martin Thomander: guitar
Niclas Sigevall: drums
Jolle Atlagic: drums

01. Upside Down Theme
02. Super God
03. Tumblin' Dominoes
04. Never Again Your Slave
05. She Never Turns Around
06. Globestrutter
07. The Dudes & The Dancers
08. Twang 'em & Kerrang 'em
09. It's Not The End
10. Interstellafella



Subscribe to the Electric Boys newsletter here (tell your friends!): http://eepurl.com/hiT2UT

Photo by: Sven Isaksson

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Member since 03-02-21



The idea of Game On came up around 2018 but it took 2 years to get it started. The main idea of Game On is that we make music whatever genre it is but of course we have our preferences and we often land in that neighborhood. When we record we involve musicians we know and like so the line up is depending on the song. Influenced by sleaze, heavy metal, glam, aor but we call our music plain nut kicking rock n roll...

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Finnish outfit SIRAKH signed a deal with Wormholedeath for the release of their first full lenght album "Crisis of Faith", due for release on 22/01/2021 worldwide.
"Rebels and retro rock aficionados. Hailing from the cold and dark city of Oulu in northern Finland, Sirakh defy their hometown’s dress code of extreme metal and indie pop by mixing their love of 80’s hard rock with a dark, gothic image."

Band comments:

"We are collectively glad to join forces with WormHoleDeath on releasing and promoting this record."
"Dear people of planet Tellus. It is my great pleasure to sign this deal with my amazing bandmates. I'm excited to see what the future holds!" – Marina Trench, lead vocals
"After seven fucking years of thankless drudgery not too far from slave labor, we have finally found some people that just may understand us. Here’s to the beginning of a beautiful friendship!" – Nikki Angelus, guitar

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"Crisis of Faith" Cover & Tracklist

1. Yours For the Breaking
2. Tear Me to Shreds
3. Heart of Fire
4. Love Like Blood
5. Downfall
6. Grown Apart
7. Mirrors
8. New Black
9. Violet Dawn
10. The Devil's Mark

Torchbearers of the early 2000’s Fenno-goth movement, Sirakh are outsiders in their cold hometown of Oulu, Finland; which is best known for it’s active death/thrash metal scene.
Mixing Hard Rock and/or Heavy Metal roots with post-punk/goth rock vibes, Sirakh calls their genre ”Dark Alternative” simply because rock fans think it’s too heavy, metal fans call it pussy music and goths never accept anything post-1985 to their ranks anyway.
With their new album dubbed ”Crisis of Faith”, Sirakh promise to show the world what their made of by introducing the world to Dark Alternative, guided by the band’s sheer musical talent and raw technical virtuosity.

Early Grave (Single, 2015)
Be Mine (Single, 2016)
Resurrection (EP, 2017)
Crisis of Faith -Wormholedeath (CD 2021)

Band Members
Marina Trench– Vocals
Padre Mortis – Vocals
Nikki Angelus - Guitars
Zachary T. – Bass
Dimitry Bonefield – Drums
Julius Seizure - keyboards

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Verde Lauro - 6 Aprile

To be released on all digital platforms on November 17th and in LTD digipack CD December 2020.
'6 Aprile' is the second album by Verde Lauro, created by the Italian-Swiss singer Fabrizio Sassi, which follows the debut album 'Son animali al mondo' which saw the participation of numerous guests, including Roberto Tiranti and Alessandro Del Vecchio
Unlike "Son animali al mondo", this second chapter was designed and created to be played live. The orchestrations were reduced and the verses were selected to be repeated in chorus.

At the level of compositions, those that narrate another passage from the neverending story were chosen and in particular the passages that play on the root of the name Laura. Precisely for this reason "6 Aprile" is perhaps a less elaborate and symphonic record than its predecessor but this is its strong point, the "song" form of its pieces, much more powerful and direct.
Petrarch meets Laura for the first time on April 6, 1327. Laura dies on April 6, 1348. The numbers of the Canzoniere are part of the story and are used symbolically. No number is random. Starting with the fragments that make up the mosaic. 366. Like a year that repeats itself forever.
As for the lineup, Andrea Grumelli joined (in the first album the bass was played by guitarists) and Federico De Zani took over the drums. Mattia Stancioiu (Ex Labyrinth) preferred to stay behind the mixer and give up the pedals.

The guests are Morby from Domine and Marcello Zappatore on guitar. Drakkar singer Davide dell’Orto has become a full member of the group. Laura's identity is always a secret and also appears in some passages of this record.

Fabrizio Sassi - voice

Davide Dell’Orto - voice
Pier Gonella - guitar
Francesco Marras- guitar
Andrea Grumelli - bass
Mauro Desideri - Keyboards
Federico “Chicco“ De Zani - Drums
Marcello Zappatore

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Here’s the next best thing. We have collected recipes from rockers and others in the music industry and now we bring their favorites direct from their table to yours. Some have shared their favorite family recipe along with a great memory and others may have contributed a fun and easy recipe from the road. All of this has been done to benefit“We Rock for Autism”, an officially recognized, non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization. We thank you for being a part of this. Rock on!I

Rockin' Recipes for Autism Cookbook, Volume I. Portion of the proceeds go to We Rock for Autism, a 501 (c) (3) organization. We Rock for Autism is an organization dedicated to improving the communication abilities of children on the autism spectrum. Promoting autism awareness and acceptance is a big part of our goal. Our primary services include hosting community-based programs focused on music therapy, music therapy workshops for parents, and social interaction activities. We Rock for Autism, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, also provides direct music therapy services and hosts a variety of sensory friendly events that promote acceptance and inclusion. We Rock for Autism is able to do all of this thanks to donations provided by our supporters. The funds raised also allow us to promote autism awareness through various events, provide children with communication assistance devices (iPads, tablets, apps, etc.) and more. By buying this cookbook, you are supporting children on the spectrum and helping them receive therapy services that can greatly improve verbal and communication skills.

“We are very thankful to the artists that have contributed to this book and to each one of you that have purchased it. This is the first cookbook of its kind, and we really enjoyed being a part of the production. The funds raised will help us bring the benefits of music therapy to many children on the spectrum. Thank you again, you all ROCK!”
-Chris Wilson
We Rock for Autism


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